How to Make a Good First Impression

As the old saying goes, “The first impression is always the last impression.” In present day scenario, nothing can be truer than this. We live in times where life is moving on at a superfast pace and everything, including relationships, needs to have a strong impact on a person’s life for it to move smoothly. Due to the lack of time, one trend that is becoming popular these days is that of online dating. It is a perfect platform for those who seldom find time for their personal lives and hence, seek companionship of similar souls online. If you click with someone on such a platform, then a personal meeting is inevitable. Hence, it becomes all the more important for you to create a good first impression on your first face to face date. So, if you are wondering as to how you can do so, we have here some tips for you:

  • Select a perfect venue and ambience: be very selective when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your date. Rather than going to noise filled places like a movie theatre, choose a place which is calm and sere, which will give you a chance to know and talk to each other in a peaceful and romantic environment. Your venue selection will talk volumes about the kind of person that you are and will surely make a good impression on your date.
  • Dress to kill: Your dressing sense is a reflection of what you are as a person on the inside. Make sure to dress in the finest of your clothes, keeping in mind the venue of your date. Make sure to wear something formal like a dress or ethnic wear if going to a fine-dining place, or your casual wear, if you are meeting your date in a sports bar.
  • Talk sense: It is very much understandable that you might be a little nervous when you meet your date for the first time. However, don’t let it come across as an excuse for becoming a blabber-mouth. Make sure that you talk sensibly with your date. Just don’t keep on talking for no reason just to cover up your nervousness.
  • Be a good listener: Give your date a chance to talk. Listen and give importance to his opinions. By listening to him you can actually get an insight into the kind of a person that he really is. This will, in turn help you judge him better as well.
  • Don’t discuss your personal problems: Make it a point to never discuss any kind of a personal problem on your first date. By doing so, you only come across as a cry-baby, who is seeking help from the outside world. Remember that you are on a date, not a therapy session.

Always keep these given tips in mind while going on your first date. Come across as a strong and confident person, whom your date would like to meet and see again. All the best!

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Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Dating is a good way to get people closer. If you like a person and start dating him or her, there is nothing more that will get you close and personal. From personal meeting to online dating, the main reason behind all these is to get closer to a person you like and decide a future course with him or her. Dating acts as a platform, which helps you in knowing the person closely and in the most intimate way. The way the person treats you, looks at you and cares for you during a date, helps you in getting an outlook as to what lies in store if you decide to persue this relationship further. This chemistry and intimacy that you both share, is basically a kaleidoscope of the colourful future that you might have together. Dating and meeting a person you love helps build up the intimacy between you two. So when on a date, make sure to ask your date some intimate questions, which may help in the strengthening of your relationship:

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  • What attracted you towards me?: Make sure to ask your date that what was the first thing that attracted him or her towards you. The kind of superficiality related to the answer to this question will help you make a decision on the future of this relationship.
  • What was the first thing you noticed about me?: Believe it or not, there is always something special about the way you look that attracts a person towards you. Ask your date this question. The answer he or she gives will surely make the already romantic atmosphere all the more lovely.
  • Do you want to know why “you” are so special?: Don’t keep the questions centered on your own self. Be bold enough to ask him if he wants to know why you like him. If his answer is affirmative, then go ahead and tell him all those things that make him one of the most special people in your life. This will, undoubtedly bring you two closer than ever.
  • What do you think the future holds for us?: If you are serious about the relationship and are thinking about a possible future together, then do not hesitate to ask him this question. It is very, much important for you to know whether you both stand on the same platform when it comes to deciding the future of the relationship.
  • What was the first thing that came to your mind when we met?: They say that first impression is always the last impression. Make sure to ask him what he thought of you when you met for the first time. The answer to this question will help you judge him as well as yourself in a better way.

Dating can be one of the most wonderful experiences of an individual’s life. Hence, it better to make the most of it and get to know your partner up-close and personal. After all, it is this love and   intimacy that will become the strength of your relationship in the future.

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Online dating v/s in person meeting: which is safer

In present times, everything thing is becoming digitalized. From books to gas stoves, all things have a digital alternative, which is much better than its predecessor. Not just that, even our personal lives are being dominated by digitization. From taking admission in a pre-school to finding love, all can be done at the click of a button. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. The anonymity these sites provide makes them all the more comfortable for an individual to find their prince or princess charming. However, there are always two sides to a coin.  While some believe that online dating is the “It” thing, there are others who believe that nothing can beat the charm of old school in person dating. Both the forms of dating have their own pros and cons, which are as follows:




Online Dating:


  • More to choose from: A vast number people these days prefer online dating. You can meet and date anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Since the perspective is wide, hence you have more people to choose from when it comes to finding your prince charming.
  • Can be done any given time of the day: Online dating can be done at any given time of the day. So if you have had a tough day at the office, you can still talk to your beloved at late night.
  • Site suggestions and tools: The website helps you suggest and select people as per the details are given in your profile. This makes searching for the one you might click with easier.


  • Filled with liars: many times people lie about their age, appearance, like and dislikes on a dating site. Hence, the actual first date at times turns to be disappointing.
  • Online fraudsters: There are high chances that you may bump into an online fraudster or stalker you may trouble you later on.
  • Can be addictive: there may be a possibility that you may end up getting addicted to the websites, and end up spending your whole day living in a virtual world.

In-person meeting:


  • The possibility of having common friends: in the case of offline dating, you generally meet the person through common friends. Hence, the possibility of the person being bad is very rear.
  • Meeting face to face: Since you meet your date in person, you can hence be sure of what they look like and how they think. You can even judge them on the basis of their body language and gestures.
  • Background check: It is easier to check the background of a person when you have met him in real rather than a dating site.


  • Uncertainty about relationship status: If you meet someone through common friends and like him, you cannot be sure whether the person reciprocates your feelings or not, which can be unsettling.
  • Socially withdrawn: when you date a person offline, you tend to become socially withdrawn as you spend most of the time with him rather than anyone else.

Online or offline dating is totally a matter of personal choice. However, one should weigh the pros and cons in detaining before taking the leap. Choose well!

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Is online dating safe

The saying goes that the world is a small place, and with the rapid expansion of technology, it is becoming smaller by the minute. The power of the internet is such that it has literally brought the world to out finger tips. From reading your favorite book to dating a person of your choice, all things can be done at the click of a button. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. The anonymity these sites provide makes them all the more comfortable for an individual to find their prince or princess charming. However, there are always two sides to a coin.  While dating sites can be fun, they also prove to be a breeding ground for stalkers. Many times we come across news items where dating online has gone terribly wrong, spoiling lives many times. But does it mean that we shy away from online dating totally? The answer is a definite no. Just because of some dirty fish, the whole pond should not be deemed unclean. Where there are failures, there are success stories as well. We come across many happy couples who met online and become life partners later on. However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind for your own safety when you are dating online:




  • Research of the partner’s profile: Make sure to check the profile of a person thoroughly before taking the leap. Search for images and information online to make sure you are not dealing with a fake profile or stalker.
  • Don’t give out personal details: Never ever give out personal details like your residential address, phone number, official address, e-mail ID etc. on your online dating profile. Doing so is no less than inviting the devil himself into your home.
  • Don’t share your photos: It is better not to share your pictures online until the time you have the person in real. This can lead to your pictures being used in a wrong way, the results of which can be awful.
  • Privacy settings: Make sure to set your profile in such a way that it is only seen by a selected few, rather than the whole public. This will ensure your safety.
  • Meet in a public place: Make sure to meet the person you want to date in a crowded public place rather than a secluded venue. Also, make sure not to go to his place or call him home until the time you are sure about continuing your relationship.
  • Involve a friend: Always confide into a close friend about the person whom you are dating online. Give him or her all the details and take their opinion. If possible, then request your friend to accompany you on your first date.

Keep the given tips in mind and make your online dating a hassle free experience. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! So be careful and enjoy!

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