Are Online Match Making Portals Safe and Secure for Privacy

With online match making websites becoming the latest trend online, the current generation has been choosing this over the traditional match making process for finding their suitable life partner. But with so much of your personal information like your photo, vitals, job profile and other crucial information, a lot of people worry about identity theft. Not only that, they also worry about fraudsters who misuse women and men for money which happens a lot in small towns. The real question that strikes in every person’s mind is that how safe are these matrimonial and wedding match making websites? With all your personal information online, is it secure and is your privacy protected? Can you restrict the viewership on the content on your profile on these matrimonial websites?

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The answer is YES, absolutely. Online match making websites like have several levels of checking the authenticity of the user. You can verify yourself as a user of the website by authenticating your phone number using an OTP password that the website sends to your mobile phone number. Once this is done, you can link other social media profiles of yourself to your matrimonial site profile to further add authenticity to your profile. You need to add your job profile and the company you work for along with legit information about your past work places. The suiters can then crosscheck this information with the alumni record of the companies which is why this is necessary.

Apart from that, your privacy is completely protected on the website as the fake profiles are constantly traced and removed from the website by the backend team of the brand. In order to have access to your profile and information, a person needs to be a member of that matrimonial website and only then will he/she be able to find you using the various filters on the website. That being said, you have the complete rights to limit the information that you can make visible to strangers on the website who are also, like yourself, looking for partners. This means that you can limit the profile info to only your photo, age and job profile or any other information. Once the person shows interest in your profile, you can then accept their request so that they can find all the information about you on your profile. This is quite similar to how Facebook, Linkedin and other social media sites work as well which helps you protect your private information from strangers on the sites like and so on.

While there are fraudsters in every business these days, a lot of people like to involve their parents to do all the talking which makes it more concrete and legit. This also helps find out any family links, the authenticity of the entire marriage proposal and the person themselves. Couples like to share their contact information of their parents so that the elders can talk and only then will they proceed to get to know each other better.

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Why Introducing Your Dad To Online Match Making Is a Better Option To Find Yourself a Suitable Match

We presently live in a modern world of technological developments. New inventions and advancements are making our daily life easy as the technological solutions are reaching the grass root level of the society. Internet is one of the most revolutionary inventions that have changed the way of our life. Now we can stay in touch with friends, dig out information on various topics and even shop for different products through various internet connected devices.

Another most important thing that has been simplified due to use of internet is looking out suitable partner for marriage. Online matrimonial sites such as offer instant access to enormous potential and eligible proposals at the fingertips of the aspirant subscribers. As the boys and girls would be in their mid-twenties; their parents would be worried about their wedding. Now-a-days in most of the communities; the importance of education is understood. Similarly there are legal restrictions regarding the age for marriage.

Love marriage is a different issue altogether. However as far as arranged marriage is concerned, most of the powers regarding decision making would be with the father in the family. Therefore, youngsters need to convince them to utilize online match making portals to search for suitable life partner for themselves.

  • Huge database leading to ample of scope for choice:

Online matrimonial portals would be used by thousands of aspirant youngsters looking for perfect match. Thus, these sites would host thousands of profiles carrying personal details regarding educational qualification, current location, source of income, current income and family background along with the profile photo of the candidates. Thus thousands of people from across the country ad even abroad would be at the same platform.

  • Filters for narrowing down the search:

The aspirant parents looking for the match for their son or daughter can easily narrow down their search using the filters provided while finding the match. Thus they would be able to find the profiles in their community; within the desired age group; suitable level of educational qualification and income and even personal interests. Religious people may get the horoscopic details and even test the matching of ‘Kundli’ online instantly. Thus online matrimonial portals would provide precise information regarding huge number of profiles without traveling anywhere.

  • Facility for expressing interest and getting response:

In order to initiate the communication to take the further steps with a potential match; provides the facility to express interest and get the response. The other person can check the profile that has expressed interest and can respond positively if they find the proposal suitable.

  • Reasonable subscriptions to get the contact details:

The online matrimonial sites would charge reasonable fees to avail the contact details of the prospects. Further verification of the person’s details can be carried out to confirm the trueness of the details furnished in the profile and the families can meet for several times for discussing the wedding.

In this way the aspirant parents can get plenty of suitable matches next to them on their computer or smartphone screens without traveling anywhere; utilizing online matrimonial sites.

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Professional Match-Making: From Pandit ji to Going Online

Marriage is considered to be one of the most sacred and fun celebration for us Indians. The moment one comes of a marriageable age, all whole world around him seems to be talking of nothing else but his or her marriage. From mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, chacha, chachi, mama, mami, bua, everyone has the same question in mind, “Iski shaadi kab hogi?”

And so the hunt begins. From spreading around a word through relatives to making online profiles, family tries all things possible to find an ideal match for their beloved child. However, we have come a long way when we talk in terms of professional match making. takes you through a nostalgic journey to witness the evolution of professional match making, and how it has changed over the time:

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The Beginning:  once upon a time, not very long ago, marriage was considered to be the most important event of an individual’s life.  The moment one was born, parents started making marriage plans for him or her. The moment one attained youth, the relatives went on a hyper active mode, looking out for a suitable match for him or her. And the ultimate weapon they had to achieve target came in the form of the ever so dear, pandit ji. Pandit ji, or the local priest, was the all –in-one go to person, when it came to marriage. Want to get a horoscope matched? go to pandit ji! looking for a suitable match? go to pandit ji! fix an alliance? go to pandit ji! Fix the date and time for the wedding? Again, the answer is pandit ji! With all things said, it is very clear that until a few years back, the local priest was “The” most important person when it came to fixing alliances. And then came technology….

The surge of technology: the past decade witnessed a roaring change when it came to the professional match-making scene in India. Over the last 10 years, technology came across as a boon for marriage seekers. With the coming up of various online matrimonial sites and horoscope matching softwares, finding an ideal match for a loved one came at the click of a button. This lead to the ouster of pandit ji and astrologers to some extent. Due to it’s ease and far and wide approach all over the world, online matrimonial sites found a huge fan base very soon, which is still growing with each passing minute. Long gone are the days when you had to be at the mercy of astrologers or pundits to find your soul-mate. However, this too has its drawbacks. The chances are high that people may provide false information about themselves while making an online profile. Hence, there is no accountability of the person’s genuinity when it comes to online matrimonial matches.

With all said, it becomes quite clear that when it comes to professional match-making, it can prove to be a topsy – turvy ride. However, it is best to enjoy this journey, as it will provide you with memories, which will last you for a life time. All the best!

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Professional Matchmaking: How The Panditji is Getting Replaced

In India weddings are a grand affair that are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and are high on ritualistic fervor. Marriages are a way of families meeting and celebrating. In the earlier times, it was the panditji or priest who would conduct the entire ceremony. Infact it was the priest who would find a suitable match for the families too after matching the kundalis or horoscopes and then conduct the entire wedding as well. However, in modern times, things are changing, the Panditji or priest is fast getting replaced by professional matchmakers, online matchmaker and other sources like matrimonial magazines and others.

Today, there are a plethora of choices for anybody looking to get married. The internet has been a big boon in this regard. With the virtual world entering into all our lives, it is but a natural progression for people to move away from the age old priest to matrimonial websites like to find life partners. The main reason for this shift is that the internet makes it more convenient to find a match. There are hundreds of websites that perform matchmaking and all are available at the click of a button. You can easily filter in all your requirements and voila! get a long list of choices.


There are many professional matchmaking agencies as well. They perform the solo task of finding like-minded partners. They take down all the necessary information from you and ask for your preferences and based on your inputs suggest suitable families for your perusal. They have an entire database of prospective brides and grooms. It becomes much easier for parents to look for suitable mates for their children as they do not have to scamper around to family and friends or go to priests who might have just a couple of marriage proposals. The sheer number of prospective brides and grooms available with these agencies, is what attracts people to these professional matchmaking giants.

Also, today, people find that going to a priest or panditji for finding likable matches is redundant as he might have only a few choices. This would limit the search to just a few. Additionally, the boy and the girl have their own demands and needs and do not like to compromise. They are more forward thinking and want a good life partner who will understand their needs and will be a companion for life. This mentality is not understood by priests as they still believe in finding a good family more than finding a good boy/girl. Their way of thinking is different from that of the modern age bride/groom. This dichotomy of thought is another reason for a shift to the professional way of matchmaking.

Finally, marriages are between two people as they have to lead their lives ahead so it is more important that they find their own mates through a channel that is most convenient to them.

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How is Making Life Partners Meet

The basic purport of a site, as viable and esteemed as is to pair two humans who’ve never met each other in life. People register themselves into the portal because they aren’t looking for any crash n burn candy-floss romance, but are looking for a serious relationship, marriage. When you have marriage on the cards, but don’t have any partner to settle down with, or are too reticent to forward with it, or don’t have time to look for one due to enormous professional hammerings, this website is your ultimate destination.

The setup is simple and smooth. The more you login to search, filter and express interest in the domain, the closer you actually get to your prospective life partner. Here is how the website is making people meet.

  • Register your profile and complete it: After registering yourself, make sure that you’ve completed your profile. You can start off by verifying your phone number and uploading photos to bolster your chances of receiving better feedback or responses.
  • Search for potential or suitable matches: The site urges you to do a smart, basic or astrology based search for your potential partner after logging into your account. Users can refine their searches by picking it from a criteria number, thereby getting in proximity to your ideal match.
  • Mentioning your partner preference: This is quite simple. It’s an advanced feature, which you use for describing your coveted partner on the grounds of their basic information and auxiliary details like education, social and religious background, location and career. You can thus get matches in accordance with your preferences. The site has its own automated system that links you with those profiles that tally with your likings.
  • The regional and community-based segments: They also have dedicated segments for searched based on religion, region, caste and creed. For example, a regular reads as Ms Lalita. Age 23, 5 feet 5 inches tall, Hindu, Nair and occupation is nurse. Then they put the state. If people want to stay within their community, the search segment is different. You know what you want and you can get that in com.
  • Expressing interest: You can make the first move or initiating by expressing interest in the concerned member you are fond of or like. There is also the option of accepting or declining member requests. You can block a person from expressing interest in you.
  • Setting the right filters: For those who don’t want to receive much interest from account members not complying with your partner choices or preference, can always set the filters. You need to know the interests from site members who are not matching your preference list will appear in the list filters in your account.
  • Becoming a premium member by upgrading: For faster results and better response, the site itself recommends you to upgrade to their premium membership club. Once you become a premium member, you can have access or connect directly with those members you like via chat, email and phone.

The process is smooth and short. Once you start talking with someone, it becomes easy to meet her/him.

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Things That Make Using Great

One of the biggest takes of online matrimonial sites is the bandwidth they give you to find your partner. With more and more people flocking to these portals and sites, and the internet usage data increasing by leaps and bounds due to this steady influx of users, sites like have created an excellent user interface, user-friendly operations, controls and instructions. They understand that people are coming not only from urban areas but also from suburban regions and small towns. With more than 40 million estimated members in their database, there’s a wide variety of choice for the communities.

If you live outside India, fret not. There’s a massive NRI database assisting you to find your suitable life partner. You are into one of the finest, largest and definitely reputable matchmaking services.

europe couple
  • Optimizing your privacy: One of the biggest things hitting anybody’s mind while coming to these sites is security and privacy controls. These certified and licensed websites are paranoid about the safety of users and their security and privacy.
  • The steps taken: First you have geotrust certification and merit. Your credit card information and online payments on the concerned site are absolutely aligned and safe. Pertaining to all transactions and payments, the website uses secure and tested SSL server and encryption technology. If you do a market research, you’ll find that they form the highest standards presently available on the web world. The concerned have been sanctified and licensed by the leading monitoring company for e-security on the globe, Geotrust. In addition to this, com also accepts all forms of cheque payments. For some countries, they actually payments from your house if you so wish to.
  • Website security confirmation: The SSL directive means that you can be very much assured about your credit card numbers and communications. These details between the web servers and site and browser are kept secure and private. The site activates the SSL session feature to activate this feature.
  • Confirmation of website identity: Geo Trust gives SSL certificates to the sites. They form the core of online trust and security solutions. They are the pillars to deliver 256-bit encryption to all recipients alongside the True Site badge or trust tag. It provides third-party identity validation for a website.
  • Guarantee of match: Millions and millions of members have found their suitable matches on this esteemed site. They have been successful and their stories are all there in the section. The enviable track of soaring success in this circuit gives the website the clinching confidence to provide users the unique and strong guarantee. It means that if you’ve sent a minimum of 10 pings or interests to the concerned members who haven’t yet filtered your profile and you don’t get a single proposal or accept within the initial or first one month of becoming an esteemed premium member, the site will refund the entire sum to you. They don’t even ask any questions before doing that.

The website is most particular about the quality control and privacy. The customer support and tech team is always willing to help you.

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Benefits of

Most of the people living in urban Indian ought to have come across of matrimonial sites or have heard of them. They know how they work. Unlike dating websites in the western countries, the matrimonial sites in this part of the world function on the basis of fusing technology to bridge or facilitate an arranged marriage. The diction and format of the so called arranged marriage change. The exponential growth of online sites like is primarily owing to the barrage of options they offer to you, the user/s.

The format makes it quite convenient for the sites to find and match a suitable partner. As per statistics from the 2012-13 calendar, about 30-35 million people registered their names and profiles in this esteemed website.

  • The basic reasons for its popularity: A big reason why this site has received the support and blessings of conservative parents looking to get their children married is mainly because the sites never try to turn into threadbare dating channels. The choice of dating a person you like on this site remains much like a positive aftereffect of the portal. But, fundamentally, young people use it and also their families, who will be intuitively similar to what the youth wants in real life. The wants are based on their social standing, value system and other similar parameters.
  • The resultant mix: The aforementioned reason for viability leads to the immediate next reason why this site is a mega hit. In addition to the various usability aspects, com caters to not only the so-called urban youth. It also caters to the diverse castes and communities throughout India. It has a huge database that includes difference castes, communities and regions. These parameters are the main focus of majority of Indian families in the content of marriage.
  • Safe and user-friendly: When you visit this site, the first thing to notice is user-friendliness. As a result, it doesn’t matter if it’s the elderly or youngsters in the fold, anybody can access this website easily. Additionally, it comprises special features that entail the traditional mindset or perspective of plenty of users. Components like privacy options and controls help in keeping the identity of both the guy and girl limited to the exclusively and genuinely interested people. They are never revealed to others or random public. This makes so many families very comfortable and safe using it.
  • Knowing the other features: Other notable features that are pretty attractive and viable to users are those photo protection aspects. These features don’t allow anybody to download or copy the pictures. You have verified phone numbers only. It helps to know the person you’re interacting with to be a genuine entity. The intelligent contact tools and filters help both the groom and bride zero in on the type of people they’re trying to find. Other easy and friendly features entail match alerts. The website sends these alerts to all registered members. There are prospective brides and grooms checking these alter messages in their mobile devices or personal email.

The website has designed and developed the match alert system once its popularity touched its zenith.

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Learn How Shaadi.Com Can Help You Find The Perfect Match

Indian weddings have undergone a lot of changes during the recent times and the process of searching for a suitable match as well. In fact, the number of people depending on to look for the best match online reflects the change clearly. With procedures that are relatively simple and fast, you do not need to go crazy and get married according to the choice of the parents. Moreover, you do not need to keep time aside for checking the profiles of bride and grooms to be as the search can be carried out at any time according to your convenience. You can log on to check the status any time or respond to people when you receive email. However, there are ways in which to make the search better and fruitful and you better know a few of them.

  • Choosing the profession: To begin with, you can start your search according to the profession you choose. Whether you want people from the same profession or otherwise, you have to be specific about your search instead of getting into a pool of mess. There are options such as NRI’s classifications according to caste, profession which helps you choose the desired person with ease.
  • Focusing on marriage: You need to update your search and make changes in the profile if you change your address or job and this leads to a refined search. The alerts that you receive on your email allows you focus on the wedding no matter how busy you may have been.
  • Easy and fast: As soon as you choose a profile, you can fix a meeting through email or exchange numbers if you feel confident as all this is a part of premium service. Even if you do not want to enroll for this service it is one of the fastest ways to access myriad profiles when you decide to tie the knot.
  • Posting the perfect photograph: To get the best results when to finding a match through com, you must post a photograph which accentuates your facial features properly. In other words, the picture must not appear hazy or the vision blurred. It is good to dress up sensibly and casually if you want the venture to be successful.
  • Creating the profile: To make the effort successful and obtaining the perfect match, it is necessary that you create a profile which is near perfect. It must highlight the things that you want and do not make mistakes in the information that you offer as the people on the other end will decide based on what is mentioned there. On the whole, it must also reflect that you are genuinely interested to tie the knot.
  • Stating the expectations: Although you need not go overboard but stating your expectations clearly makes it easy to locate and it will be the preferred one. Including your likes, dislikes, eating habits and the income is important.

Before making your wedding successful you must know how to look for a suitable match on the matrimonial sites. You may just be a few steps away from your spouse and all that you need is to get going by following the steps properly.

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Benefits Of Shaadi.Com

Have you ever experienced the odd feeling when your parents talked to the relatives and neighbors about finding a suitable match? The good thing is that technology has replaced the manual option when it comes to finding a match and is one of the most reliable websites. As far as matchmaking is concerned, you will come across immense benefits on this website. Not only has this site bid goodbye to the age old conventions of looking for suitable matches which often led to failure during the recent times but it has created the most convenient style of looking for a good match. Gone are the days when parents took the first initiation about the wedding of their children. Today, more and more people are encouraged to find the person of the dream over a coffee table which is largely contributed by the changing attitude of people and is possible due to the inception of the matrimonial sites.

Matrimony Site
Matrimony Site (PC:
  • Plethora of options: When you look for your partner through this wedding portal, you will come across myriad profiles in different networks. The kind of restriction which existed in the past cannot be seen now as you have the freedom to view people from different spheres of life. While coming across people with similar goals and interests, finding a match becomes easy.
  • Save money and time: There is no need to travel to any location to find a suitable match as this website allows you enjoy the comfort of home. You can find a convenient time to sit and relax and sip on your favorite drink while looking for your partner. The feeling of relaxation and comfort creates the perfect ambience and saves time that was previously required to travel. With an internet connection that you need to log on to the site, it helps you save money as well.
  • Privacy of search: Compared with the traditional means of looking for a spouse, com offers you the privacy that you need. You can look for a suitable match online rather than tell people outside about your wedding plans. You can even keep the profile private and not allow it to mass access as the option is offered online.
  • Filter the specifications: The chances are that you might have a lot of specifications while looking for match and want to discard the rest. Instead of doing it manually as is prevalent in the traditional options, the website has tools which offer completely filtered results top cater to your needs.
  • Ease of accessibility: while you can look for a match according to your convenience, it is easy to access the website any time when you want the other members of the family to go through it. All that you need to access this site is an internet connection and the friendly user interface will be visible.
  • Obtaining information: When you access this matrimonial site, you will obtain genuine information about very individual posting their profiles on this site and there is no fear of fake profiles.

With the help of wedding portals, it is not only possible to access some of the best profiles that serve as the suitable match but it is the convenience of finding the match which makes this website popular.

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Pre wedding diet care for bride

The weddings are a big affair for a bride, after selection of groom and planning wedding on It’s that time in her life when she wants to look her perfect best, be it in what she wears, her makeup and her hairdo. But to make a beautiful bride the most important thing is to be fit and look fit. No amounts of jewelry, makeup or designer outfit will look good if she does not feel good. We give you a guideline on the kind of diet a bride should follow before her big day so that she can bedazzle everyone.


Slim bride


It is important to lose weight, feel good and look fit but not at the cost of your health. Most brides try to do a crash course in dieting just before the wedding to lose inches and kilos. It only makes them look haggard and tired. A proper diet plan along with regular workout should be followed for about six months before the wedding for it to become a part of the system. Thereafter, there is no stopping you from looking like a diva on your wedding day.

Set a realistic goal– Everyone wants to look like their favorite Bollywood diva on the wedding day but one needs to be more realistic about it. If you are obese it won’t be possible to become Aishwarya Rai in just six months but you can definitely aim to lose some inches and a decent amount of kilos.

Water therapy– Water is the most essential part of any diet. It is pertinent that you take at least 3 liters of water every day but not after 7 pm. Thereafter, the intake should not be more than 1 liter as it will lead to water retention. In fact, it would be great to start the day with lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and have a glass of hot water after 40 minutes of every meal. It helps burn the fat.

Junk Food- A big NO– All of us like to eat burgers, pizzas, and Maggie but the kind of harm it does to the body is unimaginable, especially to putting on oodles of weight. So stay miles away from all the yummy but fat junk food. You could keep one day in about 15 days for your favourite junk food just to satiate those taste buds but limit it to just that much.

A day well was begun– It is said that have your breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper and this saying holds is true. Always have a good hearty breakfast that will give you all the energy to pull through the day. Have one good source of protein for breakfast, a cup of multigrain cereal and fruits.

Small meals– Like in most diets, it is best to have smaller meals but frequent ones. So besides the three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner add two more meals. Include roasted nuts, fruits, and steamed food in it. It will help to boost your metabolic rate.

The secret to the glowing skin– For a glowing skin include carrots, apricots, yellow and orange fruits, spinach or green vegetables and tomatoes in your meal. They contain lycopene that is good for the skin.

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