Pre wedding diet care for bride

The weddings are a big affair for a bride, after selection of groom and planning wedding on It’s that time in her life when she wants to look her perfect best, be it in what she wears, her makeup and her hairdo. But to make a beautiful bride the most important thing is to be fit and look fit. No amounts of jewelry, makeup or designer outfit will look good if she does not feel good. We give you a guideline on the kind of diet a bride should follow before her big day so that she can bedazzle everyone.


Slim bride


It is important to lose weight, feel good and look fit but not at the cost of your health. Most brides try to do a crash course in dieting just before the wedding to lose inches and kilos. It only makes them look haggard and tired. A proper diet plan along with regular workout should be followed for about six months before the wedding for it to become a part of the system. Thereafter, there is no stopping you from looking like a diva on your wedding day.

Set a realistic goal– Everyone wants to look like their favorite Bollywood diva on the wedding day but one needs to be more realistic about it. If you are obese it won’t be possible to become Aishwarya Rai in just six months but you can definitely aim to lose some inches and a decent amount of kilos.

Water therapy– Water is the most essential part of any diet. It is pertinent that you take at least 3 liters of water every day but not after 7 pm. Thereafter, the intake should not be more than 1 liter as it will lead to water retention. In fact, it would be great to start the day with lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and have a glass of hot water after 40 minutes of every meal. It helps burn the fat.

Junk Food- A big NO– All of us like to eat burgers, pizzas, and Maggie but the kind of harm it does to the body is unimaginable, especially to putting on oodles of weight. So stay miles away from all the yummy but fat junk food. You could keep one day in about 15 days for your favourite junk food just to satiate those taste buds but limit it to just that much.

A day well was begun– It is said that have your breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper and this saying holds is true. Always have a good hearty breakfast that will give you all the energy to pull through the day. Have one good source of protein for breakfast, a cup of multigrain cereal and fruits.

Small meals– Like in most diets, it is best to have smaller meals but frequent ones. So besides the three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner add two more meals. Include roasted nuts, fruits, and steamed food in it. It will help to boost your metabolic rate.

The secret to the glowing skin– For a glowing skin include carrots, apricots, yellow and orange fruits, spinach or green vegetables and tomatoes in your meal. They contain lycopene that is good for the skin.

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Arranging your marriage through a matrimonial website- A boon or a bane?

With technology taking over our lives in today’s day and age, marriages are also arranged now through the virtual world. There are no more middle men and family matchmakers who would take on the task of finding mates for their own. Matrimony sites are now in vogue and do a decent job of finding a life partner but at times they can become a bane to handle. Let’s find out more about matrimony through sites like


Arranged Marriages



Matrimony sites are a gift for those in search of a life partner. The virtual marriage world has made it convenient and easier to find the right match. All you need to do is fill in the requisite details, create a profile and you are set for finding that perfect mate to spend your life with. There is no need to contact far-flung relatives who you may not have spoken to for years just to enquire about any suitable match for your child or pay loads of money to middlemen who work as marriage brokers.

You also have the advantage of getting in touch with only those people who you think could be of interest as most details about the person are mentioned on the profile such as educational qualifications, ethnic background, interests, work values and more. Only if the profile seems interesting you can get in touch with them.


Matrimony sites might be the ideal way of finding a match for some but for others, it just takes away the charm of meeting like minded and also similar family background people through relatives and friends. Also, most people try to put their best foot forward on their matrimony profiles in order to impress but in actual the person might just be the complete contrast. It is very difficult to know about the authenticity of the person.

Also, today there are many sites available and all of them offer a plethora of choices and have millions of people on every site. It becomes very tedious and long drawn to choose from these profiles. Many times these profiles are fake and are made just to get contact details of girls that are later used for nefarious activities.

Matrimonial sites can be used to our advantage if we use them properly. They provide a good platform for those who have no prospective alliances within their circle. It is also a time saver for many. However, one should be careful of the fraudulent activities that take place on these sites and also give out genuine details of yourself and family.

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Marriages are made in heaven- Does it hold true?

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but does it really hold true in today’s world where the gadgets and gizmos have taken over our lives and we find everything from food, jobs, products and love by the click of a finger. Some may argue that there is a cosmic power that still works to bring two people in love together while others feel that marriages and love are man-made and is a manifestation of feelings and situations found on earth and a lot of work goes into making it work.


The practical ones believe that marriages are not fairy tale romances where love suddenly strikes and it continues till eternity of life without any strife or struggle. In fact marriages involve a lot of adjustment and hard work on the part of both the partners. It is a work in progress all through their lives with many highs and lows. It is how you mold your relationship through these phases of life. This is the reason why some marriages last while others don’t. Marriage is a union of two people who need to give each other space, time and trust to value each other more than anything else. If we tread carefully on these significant parameters then marriages work beautifully. Else, there are more chances of a fall out as seen in today’s day and age. Increasing number of people are falling out of marriages than the ones getting into it.

However, the eternal romantics have faith in the proverbial phrase- Marriages are made in heaven. They trust that if you really believe in something the entire universe conspires to make it happen. So if two people are meant to be together the cosmic forces will work towards them coming close. Their union will not be stalled, stopped or affected by people, situations, and circumstances. Even in the marriage, they do not need to work towards making it happen because it will automatically get streamlined. Issues and problems will get resolved as they are meant to be. They are the Romeo Juliet variety who find romance in everything and feel love is an instinctive emotion that comes naturally to your soul mate.

A lot of inputs and opposing views on this matter are available in matrimony sites like They make for an interesting read as one gets to understand the minds of both sides. One needn’t take sides but find a mid-path and look out for that perfect mate who would complement you and complete you but at the same time work towards making the relationship work.

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How to Set your New Home Within Budget

Every person has a dream of having a happily ever after kind of a fairytale life with the one you love and helps you choose the perfect life partner to live your dream of the fairytale life! To live in a place that you can call your own, your dream house, your home! An abode, where you lead a comfortable life with your beloved. However, setting up your dreamland with your beloved can be quite a task. One of the toughest challenges that most newly-wed couples face is to set up their new house. Not only is it physically tiring, it tends to take a toll on your finances as well. In such a case, there might be chances that you end up compromising on certain things, just to remain financially stable.  So, what if someone tells you, that it is possible to set-up your new house, your own way while saving money? an exciting prospect, isn’t it? So, we here have some handy tips for new couples, which will help them set up their new house, within budget:




  • Prioritize your needs: First and foremost, sit down as a couple and collectively make a list of things that you need first and most importantly in your new house. Based on your collective decision only, start shopping.
  • Give your house a personal touch: rather than hiring professional help, it is better to give your house a personal touch. Paint your house in abstract patterns and decorate it with things that you have created personally with your own hands. This way, you will not only give your house an ethnic and personal touch but also end up saving money.
  • Shop online: Most things available online are cheaper in cost in comparison to the same things which are available in the market. Hence, online shopping for household items is highly recommended if you want to save money.
  • Shop for refurbished items: A refurbished item is a used thing, but it is certified for further use. You can buy these redone items to save money. However, before the purchase, make sure that the dealer is certified and not selling you a thing which looks good but is bad on the inside.
  • Bring in your old stuff: It is not necessary that a new house requires new things. Don’t hesitate in bringing in your old but good stuff that you were using before you got married. Not only will this save you money, it will also ensure you are comfortable with the things that you are using.
  • Purchase on EMI: It is best to buy expensive items, especially furniture, electronics etc. on EMI’s or easy monthly installments. This way, you can buy things of your choice and keep paying for it monthly in easy installments.

There is always a chance for a newly-wed couple to get carried away while making purchases for their new abode. However, it is advisable to be sensible while setting up your dream house. So, follow these given tips, and you are sure to fulfill your dream, that too within a set budget. All the best!

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Money Saving Tips for Newly-Wed Housewives, every newly-wed girl, marriage seems like a bed of roses. She has in her eyes dreams of having a perfect and comfortable life, with the man of her dreams. However, there are a lot of responsibilities that come tagged along with marriage. There is no doubt that every woman has a right to lead a comfortable life that she deserves. Keeping this in mind, it is important that a woman maintains her financial independence and saves more for a comfortable future for herself as well as her family. However, this task is not as easy for housewives as it is for a working woman. She must save money from within the salary of her husband for running the house as well as taking care of her own needs. So, the question that arises in the mind of every housewife is that how can she complete this task? Well, we here has a solution. We present to you some tips that will help you in saving money after marriage:


wedding dresses kerala


  • Know your finances: It is very necessary for newly-wed housewives to know about their husbands’ financial standing. Make sure to sit with your husband and know about your financial positioning and assets. This will help you a lot in saving money.
  • Make a priority list: Make a list of things which are most important and need to be taken care of in your household. As per that, set your financial priorities and shop and run the house.
  • Educate yourself: It is very important for housewives to have full knowledge of financial and investment processes. Knowing banking too is important. The more you know about it, the more confident you will feel while handling money.
  • Make a budget: It is important to fix a set budget for running a household. Hence, make a monthly budget of things that are required to run your home. Keep the fixed amount of money for purchasing household items, rations, outings, paying of helpers etc. This way, you’ll know exactly how to manage the money for a month.
  • Maintain a diary of household expenses: It is a good idea to note down everything and place where you have spent money. This way, at the end of the month, you’ll clearly know when, where and how much you have spent.
  • Have an independent account for savings: Make sure to have an independent account of your own. In this, deposit little amount of money that you have saved every month. This way, you will have some individual money of your own, which you can use for personal expenses or in times of any unforeseen emergency.
  • Keep a piggy bank: Deposit all the left-over change and coins in a piggy bank. This, in some time, will turn into a substantial amount of money, which can be used or exchanged for notes later.

Follow the given tips and you are sure to become an ace at saving. This, not only will create a good first impression on your new family but will also help you in winning your hubby’s appreciation. Here’s wishing you all the best!

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Easy Housekeeping Tips for Newly-Wed Working Women

Household chores are a tough job, especially when you are a working woman with a super busy schedule. And once you get married and decide to continue working, this job becomes even more hectic. Everyone from your hubby to your new family and in-laws expects that your lovely abode should be spic and span all the time. Even if that is not the case, you yourself want to be that cleanliness freak, whose house is spotless all the time. Hence, there are times, when maintaining a balance between the household work and official work becomes a tough task for all newly-wed working women. What to do in such a scenario? Well, have no fear! We bring you some easy, quick and simple housekeeping tips, which will ensure you a neat house all the time: is the best matrimony website for matchmaking.

  • Establish priorities: make a list and pick out the things that need to be done first. Make sure to do those chores first, without which the general running of the house gets hampered. This way, you’ll clearly know what to do and when to do it.
  • Keep cleaning the cluttered side by side: If possible, keep cleaning the clutter and mess side by side. Never let it pile up, because that way, you must do all the work in one go, which will take a huge amount of time and eat up into your relaxation time.
  • Use vacuum cleaners: Though they are not as popular in India, vacuum cleaners are a blessing for newly-wed working women. They are available in various sizes, which make cleaning a quick and tireless job.
  • Dust your house on alternate days: It is best to fix a schedule for dusting your house. If you especially live in a dusty area, make sure to dust your house, but on alternate days. Everyday dusting can become tiring and tax for a working woman.
  • Be organized: It is best to be organized right from the word go. Make sure to have organized and neat wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. Also, make it a point to label all your kitchen masalas and other items, so that there is no confusion at the last minute.
  • Hire help: If you find that keeping up with household work and professional work is taking a toll on your health and eating up your time, then it is best to hire helpers and maids to do basic housekeeping tasks like sweeping, mopping, dusting etc. Getting these little tasks will help you immensely in the long run.
  • Keep a day for organizing your house: Keep a day within the entire week free to complete all household tasks and get your house in order. Do a deep cleaning of the house on this day. This way, you can do by doing the superficial cleaning of the house on daily basis.

With these tips, you can surely have a clean and tidy house, despite being a working woman after marriage. Your house will remain sparkling and your mind, at rest.

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The changing Trend of Matrimonial Site- Traditional to Modern

Times have changed and so we all should walk along with the same. In the modern Indian society, you will see that adults are more broad minded and this is the benefit for the younger generation. Earlier, parents had to find the match for their son or daughter and there would be no option for the children but to accept. But now, the modern Indian society states that marriage is something that should have internal compatibility between the couple and so the bride and the groom have the right to interfere in the matters which relate to them. That’s the reason why the matrimonial site, for example, has gained a lot of popularity. In fact, these kinds of options have made it easy for the youngsters to find the best match for life.

Jain Wedding

We all want soul mate of our dreams

This had been the expectation for decades. Human beings think that the person who enters their life should be as per their expectations and they should bring in a lot of happiness sin life. But the problem is that there was no cooperation from adults. Also, the internet was not there at that time. But now, there has been a lot of openness in the minds of people. The Internet has become an important tool to make life better. That’s the reason why matrimonial sites have become an important tool for arranging the weddings.

There was a time when people used to live in joint families. Now, this culture has been replaced by nuclear families. So, the younger generations feel that the life partner should be such that who can be with them always and can even adjust to the real life situations. Both boys and girls have become independent and they hold the relevant qualifications. So, as a result, the working class would want someone who can always walk hand in hand with him or her. But there should be responsibility sharing too. Like, after kids come up, the responsibility is for both the partners. This kind of changing norms and thoughts have made it important for the people to find the right match. So, it’s better to get through matrimonial site and find the perfect person for life.

The caste barriers are also breaking

There was a time when people believed to marry girls only on their castes. But now, things have changed. People think that rather than caste it is important to know the financial status, living style, employment status etc for the person who would become an important part of life. So, this kind of changing social norms have created a lot of betterment in the society. Today, girls don’t mind showing their parents the boys from the matrimonial sites. The same holds true for the boys too. In fact, even the parents take active participation when such a search spree begins. The Indian society is going through a positive change and so these kinds of options have added bliss in the lives of the people who belong to the new generation.

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How a destination wedding is better than a local one?

If you are now planning to marry then you have to actually take the decision that what kind of wedding you are looking forward to. If you can afford then a destination wedding is a convenient way of giving a family a perfect treat for the wedding. Times have changed. Even though the younger generations listen to the adults, they want a few things in their way. That’s the reason why there has been a trend for destination wedding these days. So, just make sure that even you figure out what you and your family want.


Benefits of arranging the destination wedding

There was a time when people used to opt for arranged marriages. In this, the families would know each other or at least they will meet first. Then, once the families approve, the bride and the groom are allowed to meet. These days, things are different and more practical. Most of the youngsters have registration with the reputed and good matrimonial sites like and so they find their soul mates from this place. Then they let the family members meet. Over the time, they even talk via phone or online. These things help the two people to know better so that there is better compatibility between the two.  So, due to such open and practical culture these days, it is preferred that destination weddings should be taken up. The reason why these kinds of weddings are better than local weddings is because; the arrangements are not a problem. In most of the cases, they are hosted at resorts or hotels and so the hassles to prepare food or decorate the house or give food to kids etc are reduced. The hotels take good care of hospitality of the guests and the family members can take complete participation in the marriage customs and fun.

The drawbacks of local weddings

If the wedding is arranged in the house or at a banquet hall near the houses then you have to arrange for the stay of guests who come to attend the wedding. Apart from that, you also have to remember ten things at a time and even arrange for food and drinks for the guests. These kinds of issues create problems in the arrangements too. So, you are not able to keep everyone happy. That’s the reason why local weddings have their own drawbacks. Thankfully, these days the destination weddings have become quite nominal and so if you can find the spot which is affordable then you can plan everything right there.

So, just make sure that you reduce your hassles as much as possible. The first thing you must do is find the match through and the other thing is arrange for the destination wedding. These things will put less pressure on adults at home and there will be happy marriage functions. It is important that everyone in the family take equal part in all the rituals. But when it’s the local one, half of the time the members are busy arranging for things. So, avoid such hassles and take the right steps.

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Role of a Bride’s Maid-of-Honor during the Entire Wedding

If you thought a bridesmaid’s only duty was to hold the wedding bouquet you might be in for a surprise. A maid-of-honor is the single most important person, after the bride and bridegroom of course, in the successful completion of the wedding rituals and ceremonies. In terms of responsibilities, a maid-of-honor is second to none. Here’s taking a look at all that a maid-of-honor does to keep the wedding going.


Assisting the bride with preparations

From helping the bride to choose and organize invites to selecting the wedding cake to decide on the wedding theme and colors, a maid-of-honor is indispensable. If that’s not all she also helps the bride in shopping for her wedding dress and deciding on what the bridesmaids will wear on the D-Day.

Emotional support

Preparing for a wedding can be a very stressful job and added to that a would-be bride’s emotional upheavals and mood swings, it’s a ticking bomb. It may be a love marriage, an arranged one or one arranged through, every bride is a bundle of nerves before her wedding. A maid-of-honor helps the bride keep her cool, hears her out with patience and helps her combat pre-wedding stresses on a day to day basis. There may be days when the bride is just not ready to budge and move on with her pre-wedding chores. A maid-of-honor motivates her and acts like an emotional sponge for the bride to ensure a smooth sailing.

Organizing the team of bridesmaids

A maid-of-honor leads the way for the rest of the bridesmaids in wedding rehearsals, going for dress fittings, ensuring that they understand their duties on the day of the wedding, reaching on time and dressing up for the event.

Arranging the bridal shower

Traditionally, it’s the maid of honor’s duty to organize a bridal shower for the prospective bride. The success of the bridal shower rests on how well the maid-of-honor executes the bride’s wishes. She sends out invites for the bash taking care that all the bride’s favorite people are on the guest list. She makes sure that the party has all that the bride expects from her special event and makes a record of all the gifts received from friends and family.

Duties on wedding day

She is the first to reach the wedding venue, helps out the bridesmaids with their dresses and makeup, sees to it that the bride is comfortable in her wedding dress and holds the bride’s bouquet and the wedding ring for the bridegroom. After the wedding, the maid-of-honor assists the bride in packing for her honeymoon and putting her wedding dress away in a safe place.

At the reception

A maid-of-honor plays hostess at the reception party, guiding guests to their seats, ensuring everything is in order and taking care of the bride. She personally sees to it that the bride gets to eat something and that she is not too stressed and makes the bride laughing, laughter can be as effective as venting. She also delivers her speech at the party. No matter what entails the duties of MOH, having fun is the important rule, you have been chosen to help and navigate the most special times of your friend. Experience, embrace and enjoy because this special time of your friend, the bride, brings you both closer than before, your friend you know will be a Mrs. Before you know it.

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Tips on Having a Perfect Bridal Shower

A perfect bridal shower is every girl’s dream whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged match or one made by Traditionally it’s the maid of honor’s prerogative to organize a bridal shower but these days, anyone, a close friend, a family member or whoever’s in charge can arrange it for the bride. While it’s more often than not meant to be a surprise for the bride, secretly she knows everyone’s hatching a sweet conspiracy behind her back and expects her family and friends to make it extra special for her. Here are a few trips to arrange a beautiful unforgettable bridal shower.


Ask the bride

It is very important to know what the would-be bride likes and wants from her special party. For this reason, alone, the party should be arranged and planned by someone close to her, someone who she shares her secrets with and who knows what she dreams of and expects from this bash. This will also decide the guest list, food menu and the time for the party. She may want a light gossip lunch rather than go for a wild dance, drinks, and dinner party.

Setting the date

A month or two before the wedding is an ideal time to have a bridal shower party. What has to be considered is whether all the guests can make it to the event on that day. It would be heartbreaking for her if a best friend or favorite cousin couldn’t make it to her most special party.

Deciding on a theme

The theme of the party may be based on what the bride likes or your own. Either way, try to stop and think about what may make her feel uncomfortable. She may find a naughty theme vulgar or a sophisticated party too tame. So think of a setting in which she and her guests feel at home and enjoy themselves.

Sending out invites

Invites for this pre-wedding bash may be a little informal and not printed on fancy paper. This is, after all, a casual setting to let the prospective bride let her hair down and share her fears, inhibitions, and dreams with some of the people she loves to hang out with the most. Even hand-written naughty notes can work as bridal shower invites.

Deciding on gifts

If it’s going to be a small gathering of very close friends and cousins a common gift is an easy and affordable option. This, however, is subject to the agreement of all the guests. A best friend may want to give a more intimate gift or a cousin may want to play naughty. Ideally, a bridal shower gift should neither be something too expensive and over the top nor something that reeks of cheap. Decide on a mid-range gift that means something to the bride.

No strict timeline

While you may plan how long the party may go on for, say two or four hours, it is always more enjoyable not to be very particular with what comes when. The bride may want to spend more time gossiping than playing games. Even after the party is over, the guests may want to linger and chat some more. Leave enough room for everyone to be comfortable and do their own thing.

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