How to Make Your Dream Tamil Wedding A Reality?

Every person wants to make his/her wedding a dream event. Materializing this dream into a reality requires some planning and systematic preparation. How to make your dream Tamil wedding a reality?

Focus on using red and saffron colors judiciously

The grandeur of a Tamil matrimonial reaches new heights when you utilize red and saffron colors harmoniously and this approach empowers richness in the décor with utmost efficiency. These colors are symbols of sensuality and purity and, you must give utmost importance to these colors while decorating the wedding venue. If you want your wedding to be a dream-like event, you must be aware of this important aspect.


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Combine tradition and modernity

Traditional air can always be associated with a Tamil wedding ceremony and the wedding rituals like Panda kal muhurtham, Vratham and Pallikai tellichal, Naandi and Jaanavaasam, Nicchiyadharatham, Reading of Lagna pathirigai, groom reception, Mangala snaanam, Kashi Yatra, exchange of garlands and Kanyaadan are inspired ideas from tradition but you have to add an element of modernity with traditional elements to make your dream wedding a reality. Music can be incorporated into the wedding reception and you can hire a brand or a DJ to offer the guests a vibrant and lively experience. Some people even add entertaining games to add some fun element as well.

Incorporate new wedding concepts

You have to come out with some out of the box ideas to make your Tamil wedding really unique and entertaining. The venue of the wedding must be chosen after careful analysis. The traditional concept of conducting the wedding in an auditorium is an old concept and you can plan a destination wedding on an exotic beach. A theme for the wedding can be introduced and it can be mentioned in the invitations. The invitation card itself can be customized and creating a funny photobooth also adds glamour and fun to the event.

Seeking professional help makes things systematic

If you want to make your dream Tamil wedding a reality, you need professional guidance and hiring the services of a reputed wedding planner makes things systematic and effective. These professionals take control of everything and they always follow up with timely guidance and advice.

Go online to find some creative wedding ideas

The Internet offers everything you need and you can find a lot of creative ideas online. You can choose an inspiring idea and it can be customized based on your creativity and imagination. If you apply a little bit of creativity, you can make your Tamil wedding fun, memorable and romantic and you can seek the help of your friends for some ideas. The contributors can be thanked in notes after the wedding as well.

You have to make sure that when guests walk into your Tamil wedding ceremony, they feel like they are entering into a royal and grand affair. You need to pay attention even to the small details and make it as colorful as you can with the use of different colors, decorations and all other related aspects.

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What To Look Out For On A First Date With A Tamil Guy?

Even the Tamil guys living in urban cities like Chennai are that much forward in their attitude and actions compared to the new generation north Indian guys. When a girl starts talking the talk in a friendly way, they may not realize that she has some special feelings for him. She has to keep on making efforts to capture his attention. What to look out for on a first date with a Tamil guy?

Leave some subtle messages before the date

If you are really fascinated by a Tamil guy and believe in Tamil Matrimonial, you cannot ask him immediately for a date. Some preparatory steps are needed and you have to leave some small but subtle messages. These messages should convey that you like him and you are infatuated with him.  Your messages must also indicate that you want to know more about him. You should not ask for a date bluntly and there must not be any attempts to initiate the process of asking for a date immediately. Your messages and actions have to make him feel that you have a crush on him and wait for some time before going to date. Tamil guys are caring and passionate and they will start taking the initiative after some time.


Heavy makeup is a turn off for a Tamil guy

Most Tamil guys prefer the natural beauty but that does not mean that you do not have to come without any makeup. Everything must be in moderation and you do not have to apply anything excess. If you do it in a simple and elegant way, you can create a magical effect and he is going to appreciate your looks.

Do not pretend that you are someone else

Tamil guys are brutally honest and they hate girls who pretend that they are someone else. You must behave in a natural way and be expressive about your likes and dislikes. Tamil guys love girls who are having an open mind and they run away from mysterious people. You can say whatever you feel without hurting his feelings and these guys will treat you like a queen if you behave in a natural way.

Display a caring attitude and be a good listener

You have to listen to him with so much attention and it helps you learn about him better. Moreover, you are giving an impression that you are a person with a caring attitude and it is going to create a positive impact on the Tamil guy you are dating with. Since these guys are emotional people, they always give great importance to these types of small gestures. Tamil guys will reciprocate with an equal amount of care and affection.

On the first date with a Tamil guy, you must find out whether he is a boyfriend material or not. There are shy Tamil guys but some guys are really talkative as well. You must decide whether his character and attitude compliment your personality and if you feel that he is the right guy, you can proceed with the relationship.

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Household Essentials for a new Married Tamil Couple

When a person gets married, there would be many basic differences in his or her life. So, all you must do is walk along with time and stay updated. In the times when we all want perfect options to make life better, we should never to estimate things that are around us. Like, when a person stays alone or with his mother he would not understand the need of a few things. But now he is marrying a working girl. So, she would have certain demands. You must carefully listen to her demands and find out what she actually wants. In most of the cases, the demands that would come up in Tamil Matrimonial would be just of a few special home appliances. These are right demands and so the couple should have a discussion in regards to the same.


The couple should find out about latest household appliances

These days you will see that the couples want to stay an independent life. In Tamils to the working couple would either stay alone or they would stay with the family. But after the marriage, they want an easy life. This is because even the bride is working in some company. They can afford a few household appliances and so their main motive would be to find the best options first.

The most important appliance for the couple would be to have a washing machine at home. This is because washing clothes is a tiring job and in many cases, maids might not be available for such tasks. So, having a modern washing machine can make the task pretty easy. Another thing that is important is a food processor. You should find out which one is the latest and yet fits in the budget. This will help to reduce the cooking time and efforts.

Apart from the above, there is one more thing without which the Tamil couple would not be able to live a comfortable life and that is the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning is also a tiring activity. Having this at home can help in keeping the house clean.

Make life easy

There was a time when the females of the house were made to clean dishes, wash clothes and cook in the kitchen. But now times have changed and the world has become quite modern. Both the partners work equally hard and they contribute their best. So, having the good and useful household appliances can really make life easy and interesting. When the couple would not get much tired and if they stay happy then they will be in the position to have better romance in life. That’s the basic reason why in Tamil Matrimonial people want the updated and modern household appliances for the home. Having an easy life is really god. We are not meant to slog all the time. There should be some peaceful and romantic moments between the partners.

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Financial planning post marriage for a Tamil Couple

Tamil weddings are supposed to be the bit lavish as many relatives would come and enjoy the wedding. But it is always upon the couple and the family that how much they have to spend. But generally speaking, wedding is an expensive affair and so the costs and the expenses would go high to a considerable extent. But the problem starts after marriage. This is because; things seemed quite rosy till date. Now, you have to face the reality.


Time to face the reality

Every couple has to plan the finances post marriage. This is because now you have to live in the real world. If both the partners are working then they should figure out that what would be the savings and what would be daily expenses. With these things in mind, you will see that in Tamil Matrimonial things are quite flexible. Generally, the bride and the groom are both educated and they earn pretty well. They are intelligent as well and they can plan things pretty fine.

The financial planning post marriage

In Tamils generally, the families stay together. Thus even after marriage, you will see that the father and the mother of the groom will stay with the bride and the groom. So, if this is the case, then they should all sit together and hold the meeting in regards to what kind of monthly expenses come up on a regular basis. Also, the bride should be given an idea about what kind of house responsibilities she has to handle. If the bride earns well and if she feels that she will not be able to give so much of domestic time then it would be better to spend some money and hire a helper. Also, if there are some appliances she would want in the kitchen, they can be bought.

The main purpose of financial planning should be in terms of the longer-term perspective for the couple. What kind of things would be needed when they bear kids? Also, what kind of medical arrangements are there. These should be an important part of a discussion. So, in Tamil Matrimonial it is important that a person should get perfect idea about how things are and what kind of future planning will help. Earning and spending are something everyone can do. But if you can even save your money then you can actually enhance your life.

It is the young age when we can earn money. But when we grow old things would be quite different. So, you should save for your child’s’ education and even for your safe future. We never know what future would hold for us. Thus financial planning between the couple is a matter of importance. Keep these things in mind and understand how you want to go ahead and get the final results. These are some of the basic things. Just get the idea about the same and make way for perfect options.

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Tips for Tamil in-laws to treat groom as Son

While a lot has been said and is often said about the bride making efforts to win over her in-laws or adjust to the new household and the in-laws making their own effort as well, the chapter that goes mostly unnoticed is the chemistry between the groom and his in-laws. While there have been talks about the groom’s efforts to make his in-laws happy and satisfied, the latter’s part has been absent. It’s a very subtle yet serious topic wherein the girl’s family to needs to understand certain facts and basics of this era and give their stance likewise.

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More often than not, the girl’s parents think that the groom’s life, career, and all work is bound to revolve around their daughter. Well, it’s a pertinent fact that they have given their daughter’s hand in marriage, which is a big thing. Every daughter is precious for her parents and a lot of dreams, wishes and sentiments are involved when she leaves her father’s place. Here are a few things that can help in-laws to get more cordial with their son-in-law.

  • Realize that she has other responsibilities: This is the basic thing. You need to realize that your daughter has gone into a new threshold of life and stepped into a new family. She has a lot of things to understand and duties to take care of her. Thinking that she’ll be there for you just as she has been all her life is only unrealistic. She has to take care of her husband and he is there for you too. While it’s said that he becomes your son in Tamil Matrimonial, you need to realize that he’s not stopping his wife from meeting you. It’s just the work that does so.
  • Try to trust him: All parents become judgmental when it comes to the well-being and prosperity of their daughters. They are finicky about the food she gets into and stays largely tensed about the treatment she gets there. Well, you need to trust her man, your son-in-law. You need to give him time and space to prove his mettle and love for your daughter. Don’t go overboard and slam him if he makes a little mistake there. You would never have done the same if he was your own son. Rather be analytical and calm with him. Remember that in the absence of your daughter and after the marriage, it’s his responsibility too to look after you.
  • Communicating with him: There’ll be times when your son-in-law will face hurdles or tough times in business or work. He won’t tell that to you for obvious reasons. If you come to know about it, just call him over and offer your help. Ask him about the problems he’s facing and ask if you can help in any way. Many times, you can just tell that you’re helping, just as you’d do for your son.

Also, know about this health and professional life from time to time. Both should call and meet each other. If the couple has a fight or quarrel, don’t reprimand him or come to a conclusion. Instead, maintain composure and try to mediate and solve it. This is how you keep the Tamil Matrimonial affair happy and peaceful.

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5 Tips for Planning a Tamil Haldi

Haldi would be the foremost ritual of a wedding that will be hosted either a day before of a wedding or on a wedding morning. Haldi is considered to be one of the traditional rituals of a wedding and it will be organized by both the bride and groom sides separately by inviting their guests.

The reason for conducting haldi during wedding is that, haldi is deemed as the privileged and godly thing. So, it is strongly trusted that, the wedding bride and groom will never be surrounded by any evil things once wedding haldi is done.

Generally, Tamil Matrimonial sites do not have any tips at all for hosting a haldi function. You could visit other websites for that. But if you want some dashing tips for planning a Tamil haldi, just continue reading the article.

Tamil Wedding Haldi
Tamil Wedding Haldi (PC:

Guest List of Haldi
As far as haldi is concerned, it is not vital to invite all the guests and friends of your family. Rather, it is sufficient to invite the elderly wedded couples and other close relatives of the bride or groom like uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers. So, prepare the guest list accordingly and invite the guest. Either friends may or may not be called for this event. That depends on the hosts of the wedding.

Haldi Dresses
Haldi would be yellow in color, so the bridegroom will be asked to wear the yellow colored outfits for the haldi function. Make ready the haldi dresses rather hurrying in last minute to get the outfits. Being it a traditional ritual, it should be started and ended up on time.  So, buy the haldi outfits while buying the wedding dresses.

Haldi Decorations
Simple decoration is enough as far as haldi is concerned. You could find this point by visiting the Tamil Matrimonial sites. Since, the matrimony websites include some dos and don’ts of the haldi event. By reading that, you would come to know about what should be done for haldi decoration.

Haldi Preparation
Instead buying the haldi simply from the stores and make it available for the wedding haldi ritual. You should think preparing the haldi on your own. For preparing the haldi, you have to use haldi (turmeric powder), rose water and other essence. By mixing all the three things, you have to make it as a paste. The haldi paste should be in semi solid form, so that, people could able to take that in their hands.

Senior Women
Haldi event will be conducted separately by both the bride and the groom on their home. Despite of, either it might be a groom side or bride side, but four or five senior wedded women should be invited to the haldi event without fail. And the wedded women should start the event by applying haldi on the hands, forehead, cheeks and toes of the bride or groom. Then, the parents and relatives of the bride or groom will continue applying haldi on the bride or groom one by one as per the priorities.

Post Wedding Wardrobe For a Tamil Bride

Tamil wedding has different rituals and some families still follow all the rituals. Some of the urban and modern families don’t follow all the rituals. But it is truly exciting if you go ahead with things that are as per the custom and tradition. Many families feel that soon the wedding is over the couple is free. But it is not so. Tamil brides have many rituals to follow even after the wedding is over. Thus even after the wedding is over the bride should have some dresses and saris so that she can easily participate in all the ceremonies.

The ceremonies after the wedding

  1. Pon Azhaippu is one of the ceremonies and it means that the bride has to be welcomed in the home of the groom. The groom’s mother or sister initiates this ceremony. In this the bride can come home with the wedding dress that she had already worn.
  2. After this there is arti and it actually means that the mother of the groom gives home responsibility to the bride.
  3. In Arasanikkal the father of bride removes the bamboo stick that was erected at the start of the wedding. This ritual means that the wedding ceremony is over.
  4. Then comes the turmeric bath. In this the bride as well as the groom should wear the set of plain clothes as there would be oil and turmeric massage to relax the couple. So, a simple sari or any dress that you find comfortable can be worn.
  5. After a few days when the date if for marriage registration, the bride can wear her favorite colored sari.
Tamil Brides
Tamil Brides (PC:

On the wedding day there should be wedding rituals and thus the bride has to wear the sari as per the rituals. But after the wedding ceremony the wardrobe is not a compulsion. Tamil brides can wear anything she is comfortable in. But as marriage is procession when the bride has to look great, try to include the saris that would make you look great.

For honeymoon the bride can take all the liberties in the dresses. She can take help of the husband and ask him what he would like her to wear. She can wear western attire or something that would look sensational.

Tamil weddings are mostly conducted in the temple in the simple manner. But the bride should wear contemporary clothing and jewelry and this is the charm of the wedding. Both the bride and the groom should look forward for wearing the wedding and post wedding wardrobe to be complementary to one another. Bride has to look her best and she can take help of the granny and mother who would help in getting an idea as to what should be worn in weddings and various ceremonies attached to it. The Tamil wedding has pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. Both the groom and the bride should shop for various clothing so as to look great on all the ceremonies. Tamil brides would look amazing if she chooses to wear contemporary jewelry as well.