Decorating a Wedding Venue the Kerala Way

When it comes to decide the venue of the marriage, people often get confused. The venue should be engaging for the guests and make the moment memorable. In Kerala wedding, people prefer having the ceremony in a traditional way. These days various marriage gardens, palaces, islands are booked by the Keralites for an unforgettable marriage experience. Here are some wonderful places for the Kerala matrimonial.

Wedding in Cruise Liners
Wedding in Cruise Liners(PC :
  • Cruise Liners: Similar to a 5 star hotel, cruise liner offers a large space for the marriage functions and separate banquets for the guests to rest. Booking a Cruise liner can be one of the exceptional places for marriage. Adding decorations to the cruise liner as per Kerala tradition will give the touch of Kerala culture. You can even get the real taste of Kerala food for your guests in cruise liner catering. Try to book it three or four days before the marriage so as to get arrangement as per the need.
  • Heritage Hotels: The family of couple is always concerned about the hospitality of their guests. In this case, Heritage Hotels will serve them with full heart. A 5 star hotel would offer you top quality Kerala food and traditional decoration for the marriage you expect. Such heritage hotels consist of large parking capacity for the guests, so that guests coming from their vehicles won’t be troubled for parking. You can get the pick and drop facility for your guests to gather them in the hotel at the right time for the ceremony. Always go for a king sized heritage hotel so that any number of guests can stay in the same hotel.
  • Beach resorts: Being in Kerala, who does not love to celebrate the marriage function in beach resorts? It will be a pleasuring wedding for the gathering guests as they can enjoy the beach and ceremony simultaneously. Beach resorts can be decorated with banana leaves and other Kerala decorative items to offer traditional touch.
  • Palaces: Most of you have dreamt to get married like a king and queen. Royal palace will make your dream true. These palaces are structured as per the ancient kings’ time which is something new for you and your guests. Adding some Kerala decoration to it will improve the beauty of the palace. Bride and Groom would be served in the complete royal way to make them feel like real king and queen. It’s time to get into a royal marriage.

No matter where the marriage ceremony is arranged, Kerala traditional touch will make it beautiful and engaging. People of Kerala believe in simple decoration marriages so it would be easy for them to choose any of the marriage spot from above. Try to book the place before hand unless it won’t be free for you at the time of marriage function. Decide few days before about how to arrange the function and food so as to finalize the marriage successfully. It’s time to make a remarkable marriage spot for the couple.